Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New House Decisions

It was so fun to share the before pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Especially because I know what it looks like now, so going through and posting all of the pictures helps me remember just how much we've done. I mean, it's been almost a year. We have not moved in yet because of all the changes we made. So, its nice to look back and think, oh yeah, thAATTS why  we haven't moved in yet. But, man, I cannot wait to live in our home!

Some of the changes we wanted to make came about quite easily. Others came about along the way.  As I mentioned in previous posts, Rich comes from a family of people who have built houses.  We have some family friends who used to own a general contracting business.  Rich has done work with another general contractor.  Rich's dad used to be a framer.  We sought out these people for their input, and to bounce ideas off of when we were figuring out the floor plan of our house. These men are wise, and have such a vision for how everything will work out in the end.  We are so so thankful for their help.

And again, the layout before:

We knew we wanted to utilize the space a little better, and add another bathroom. We wanted to turn the extra living room into a master bedroom, That would leave the fireplace in an awkward spot, so we took it out.
We took most of the plaster down off of the walls.

The third bedroom, next to the kitchen.
Looking through the wall into that huge walk-in closet!
The front door, and looking into the kitchen.  We had already removed some of the cabinets, and the stove. Look at how little Will is!
The kitchen and third bedroom. The door on the left goes out to the garage, and the door on the right goes into a half bath.
No more fireplace!
From the old master, looking into the rest of the house.

The bathroom, where the walk-in jacuzzi tub was! Allll gone :)

Do you like that extension cord, going through the wall? Yeah, the outside flood light plugged into it!!! Totally legal..NOT! And how about the bars on the windows?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Barranon Family

Cyndi and Michael are friends of mine from high school.  Cyndi and I had a lot of classes together, and she was really smart, so I always knew I could go to her with my questions :).  I specifically remember her being really great at physics.  Why on earth would they offer that class to high schoolers?! I don't believe I was capable of making sense of that subject until I was at least 20. In general, math, chemistry, and biology came pretty easy to me.  They just all made sense and I was really interested in it. I figured I could handle AP Physics as a junior, because, you know, it was a science. That class gave me a swift kick in the rear. I'm LUCKY I received a C in that class, but at the time, as a straight A student, I was beside myself.  Cyndi did better than me in that class, but sitting next to her helped me get through it. She is kind, logical, and we shared the same humor.

It was so fun to catch up with her and Michael, and also to meet their new little one, Michael. He is such an expressive baby, my goodness!  I got more laughs going through all the pictures and seeing all the looks and smiles he had! He is a joy, and I know he brings so much happiness to his parents.