About Me

photos by Anjuli

Hi there, I'm Christina. Thanks for stopping by.  I am a lover of jesus, a wife, mama, and full-time employee. The love affair with my camera started back in 2010, when my husband surprised me with my very first dslr. Since then I have been snapping pics of everyone and everything.

I believe in making and keeping memories. I love taking pictures that tell stories. I want to get to you know you. I want to tell your stories. The story of your love. The story of your family game night, or your boy's 5th birthday party. I especially love photographing kids and young families. While posed pictures are great and necessary, they often don't show who you and your family really are.  They don't show the way your daughter tugs on your pant leg when she's nervous, or the excited look on your boy's face when he sees his beloved pup. To me, these moments mean more. Because years down the road, when you look at that picture, it transports you back. Back to that moment, with your family, and how your life was.  And that, my friends, is priceless.
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