Friday, November 21, 2014

More Demo, more framing

After the first round of demo, the layout and our plans for the house changed a bit... as they seem to do ALL.THE.TIME. So, it meant we had to do more demo.  I think we demo-ed for probably 3 months (keep in mind we only had the weekends to work). 

New windows and doors.  Some of the old windows were odd shaped, and would have cost a fortune to replace because they would have been special order. Instead, we modified the size, since we knew we needed to redo the stucco anyway.  Remember the small half bath? We decided to turn that into a hallway into the garage/mini mudroom (mainly just storage and a bench.. eventually) which also had a door to the backyard.  That's the door you see above.

Window into the guest bathroom.

Will absolutely loved being at the house.  There was always so much going on, so much to explore and play with. I love seeing random photos of him in pictures of the progress. He was right there with us most of the time. 

Back bedroom.
Oh hey, cute boy!

Living room
Garage and new electrical
New plumbing

Master bathroom, and William trying to help dad and Uncle Steve.

Master bedroom

The back right corner of the photo above is where the mini-mudroom is.

Will and Papa

Uncle Steve :) Or, as William now calls him, Uncle Stevie.

Looking into the kitchen.
Spare bath, and a pocket door

Windows in! and Stucco patched.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A mess of thanks

Oh man, these photos make my heart go pitter-patter.  This series of photos was probably from around January of this year.  I thought, hmm, maybe today, I'll post up another blog.. I mean its only been about a month.. hashtag winning. HA. And as I was sorting through a previously written post, I saw these photos at the very end. I decided they  needed a post of their own.

Its funny, how God times things.  We've officially been in our house now for 3 1/2 weeks. Everyone has said to me, Oh you must be SO excited to have your own space! You must LOVE it. And I do! It's been so nice. But the type A person in me really has been struggling. Right after we moved in, we had start working on the backyard, which meant that while the main areas are mostly set up, there are still LOTS and lots of boxes and clutter and disorganization everywhere. I was very honest with myself. I knew that it would take me probably a few months for me to really enjoy my home. So I'm not really surprised that I feel anxious and unsettled. It just takes time. And we've been so busy that I am barely doing what I can to manage just the day to day stuff! Like washing dishes and making sure we have enough clean underwear. I finally cleaned the bathrooms last weekend, because they were just nast. But in general, my house is not spotless, and I get that that is just where we are right now. But from time to time, its overwhelming. And also now that I have a child in my own house, I want to enjoy him and play with him in the evenings, rather than do dishes.

So, finding these photos today was the perfect does of gratefulness and warm-fuzzies that God knew I needed. This room, where these photos took place, is now my bedroom. MY bedroom, and MY bathroom. And they are not only functional, but they are pretty! And nice, even with all the clutter and boxes everywhere. I am thankful for this messy, unkempt place. With dirt and dog hair, and food crumbs and toys everywhere. I REALLY pray that this feeling of thankfulness lasts.

This set of black and white are my FAVE. Once things settle down a bit, I WILL print them and hang them!!